In Case You Missed It: Marlon Wayans And Kelly Ripa On ‘Watch What Happens Live’

Actor Marlon Wayans and Kelly Ripa appeared on Watch What Happens Live last night. During “Clubhouse of Horrors,” Marlon Wayans said he was most afraid of his first audition for Mo’ Money because his brother Damon Wayans said he just wanted Marlon to think about making him laugh, so he re-wrote the script, made him laugh and got the part. Marlon also said the creepiest thing he’s seen in his DMs are nude photos.

Marlon also said he hasn’t heard from Chris Rock, Will Smith or Jada Pinkett Smith since he joked about the Oscars slap in his new stand-up special, adding that he discussed the incident out of love. He also thinks the special is fair enough that the three of them could watch it together and make amends.

Kelly Ripa picked between her work husband Ryan Seacrest and her real-life spouse Mark Consuelos while Andy Cohen asks her a series of prying questions during “Let’s Talk About the Husbands.” She said Mark has better style and a more infectious laugh, but Ryan is more chipper in the morning and he’s better at social media.

During the After Show, Kelly said her son Michael Consuelos never told her that he had been included in PEOPLE’s 2022 Sexiest Man Alive issue and she found out about it on the air. She goes on to say that Michael is sweet and unassuming while Andy Cohen reveals the first words Michael ever said to him. See pics and video inside…

(Photos by: Charles Sykes/Bravo)

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