In Case You Missed It: Misty Copeland On The Real

On Tuesday, December 12th, the hosts of The Real discussed holiday airplane travel with children and what happens when a small child who won’t sit in their seat can hold up the rest of the plane. The ladies share which celebrity Christmas tree topper they would like on their tree, and also have a holiday gift for a Hotline Bling caller and her adorable baby.

Ballerina Misty Copeland visits to talk about her role in The Nutcracker with The American Ballet Theatre, reveal her least favorite stereotype about ballerinas and shares a moving moment with the hosts about breaking down barriers in the dance world. Check out more pictures and video clip inside…

Misty Copeland On Breaking Down Barriers in the Ballet World

Loni Love (tearfully): For those that don’t understand…

Tamera Mowry-Housley: Aw, Loni…

Loni: What is it… I’m so proud of her, well, because, that’s huge!

[The Real audience applauds]

Loni: You – explain what the principal dancer – I’m sorry, making you cry…

Misty Copeland: No!

Loni: How has it opened up your door – doors for you?

Misty: Yeah – yeah. You know, for a lot of people that don’t know, you know, classical ballet is a European art form, and it’s, and it’s, very white, and it’s very secluded and we kind of live in this bubble, and I feel very fortunate that I’ve been able to bring it to more people, but for black women to thrive and survive…

[The Real audience applauds]

Misty: …in the ballet world, it’s unheard of, and it had never happened in ABT’s now 78-year history.

Tamera: Wow.

Adrienne Houghton: Crazy.

Misty: So I just feel so fortunate that I’ve been given all these opportunities because the focus is on the ballet world now, having a black woman as the face of American Ballet Theater and now to have a perfume, you know, Muse with Estee Lauder, Modern Muse…

[The Real audience applauds]

Misty: …these are all things I never thought were possible. And I think –

Loni: I think that’s why I get so emotional, we’re so emotional. Because you’re showing things that are possible. Thank you so much.

Adrienne: You’re showing the next generation.



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