In Case You Missed It: Stripper Bolo Stops By ‘Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen’

Male Exotic Dancer, Michael “Bolo” Bolwaire stopped by Bravo’s hit tv show, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen to clear the air just a bit about if he had a rendevous with any of the Atlanta Housewives or not. He then chatted about his career and more. Micheal is from my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio and lawd…yeah lol!

I’m sure you saw him in movies and on Vivica Foxx reality show. Well, anyway he talked about Cynthia’s bachelorette party but didn’t really spill any tea smh! I didn’t watch the show because frankly I’m kinda over reality shows and all the bickering but when Andy asked him if he watched the episode, he said no! Check out his nonchalant persona in a video clip inside, he is one fine specimen!


Image from Instagram

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