Infiniti Q60 Coupe Has That Fire!

I really enjoyed cruising around Atlanta for several weeks in the Infiniti Q60 coupe! When I tell you that this is a head-turner wow and they had the nerve to send me a red one in a shade called, Dynamic Sunston! I went EVERYWHERE in this car and it just felt so right! I loved this chic ride because of the style and design of it. It handled well on the road and it just fit into my particular lifestyle which is very busy and hectic. What I really fell in love with, was the luxurious interior!

Everyone that wanted to take a peek inside loved the gallery white leather seats with silver optic fiber trim and the dash design, yes it was something to see. I had several events to cover in the city and when I pulled up, people definitely wanted to know who I was stepping out of it and what kinda car it was! Enjoy more pictures inside and this car fully loaded starts at $63,700. If you are an empty nester, or just want to have a second car for the weekend, I highly recommend this cute and sexy vehicle. Thanks to Prestige for allowing me to review this fun vehicle! xoxo

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