Turning 50, What It Feels Like

I woke up on Thursday, May 24th and looked out the window and realized wow, it’s my freakin birthday! I will say I was NOT in a good mood! I don’t know why because it was pretty nice outside and the sun was shining, I lived to see another day! I was just in a pretty funky mood but maybe that is the Gemini in me, I flip flop with my moods, yes that’s true. I sat on the side of the bed and started to think what I was going to do. I started immediately getting text messages and ignored most of them because I was just NOT in the mood to be frank. I just felt weird, not happy, not sad just weird. I have been on this earth for 50 years and I look back and try to gather my thoughts on what I have accomplished in my life. 

I had big dreams as a little girl, coming from so much adversity growing up, seeing so many bad things in my life, being homeless and a squatter in high school and just a lot of other drama going on. It wasn’t all bad but it was not good. I’m still appreciative that I had the opportunity to graduate from high school and go off to college. That was a huge accomplishment for me! I never was one of those kids that was an overachiever or that knew exactly what I wanted to do early on in life. My guidance counselor sat me down and went over some options for me but I just said that I wanted to help people. She stuck me in a nursing program my 11th grade year in high school and I really liked it but it saddened me at the same time. I hated to see people sick or in need of help. I thought I wanted to be a RN but once I got to college and after my 3rd year, I decided to change my major. I just didn’t like it anymore it wasn’t fun. So I changed my major to Business Management and went on from there.

I came home from college and opened my very own nail salon, didn’t know what the heck I was doing but knew that I was an entrepreneur, loved people and liked making people feel good. I employed women and stayed busy for over 10yrs before settling down and having a family. Got married, moved to Atlanta and started my own tv show on a public access channel that I produced, wrote and edited here! Who knew I could do that! I don’t know how that even came about but that was the cards that was dealt to me lol. Never knew about television production but a lady named Linda Torrence took me under her wing from Fox 5 and showed me the way. In 2007, the blogging world started and I leaped at the opportunity. Being a blogger has allowed me to see the world, meet some fantastic people and learn so much in the entertainment industry!

My life has forever changed and at 50 years old, I have seen a lot and know that I will hopefully learn and see more! It has been a rollercoaster ride and I have been holding on tight lol. I guess I feel good with all that I have learned and accomplished, it has not been all bad, it’s been pretty pleasant! We are here on earth to share, learn, love and laugh with a few bumps in the road along the way that is there to teach us! I have learned so much and I thank God for all that I experienced so far! I’m a fighter and will NOT give up and I thank him for my health, family and wisdom, yeah it feels good! Till next time! xoxo

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4 thoughts on “Turning 50, What It Feels Like

  1. Wow! What a read. You’re so blessed and thank you for sharing with us what “50 feels like” I hope my 50yr old story will be an amazing read as well.

  2. You are 50 and fly! Goals. May happiness, peace and blessings continue to follow you!

    I work in higher ed. Having the courage to go to college and change your major in your third year is amazing.

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