Inspiration: Boho Chic ‘Girls Night In’ Event

Summer is coming to an end pretty soon but one thing that I do love about living in the south is that we get a few more months of warm weather. I’m in the process of planning an End of Summer party and I’m scrolling through a few of my favorite websites to get a bit of theme inspiration. I really do enjoy putting parties together although it is a bit time consuming and stressful but I think I may have one more in me lol. Its just a few of my friends that get together and fellowship, dine, talk and more. Here are a few pretty pics of what I’m thinking of doing at my party inside…

Fresh florals everywhere

A pretty and memorable tablescape

Floral headpieces

Easy breezy clothing

Signature cocktails and bubbly

Relaxed atmosphere with good friends

Pretty decor

Yummy desserts


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