It’s May, It’s My Birthday Month And Ten Things!

It’s May can you believe it? It’s also my birthday month and I will be 52 years old! I talked to my mom the other day and we just cried because there was so many things that I wanted to accomplish and do but didn’t get a chance to when I was younger and she encouraged me that it’s still not too late. I sometimes get depressed when I think about a lot of things I wanted to achieve or could have done early on in life. I didn’t really go after it or I didn’t have the resources at the time. I really wanted to be a news reporter or something in the media field but I was handed a different deck of cards. It’s a long story too much to write. I somewhat still do work in the media arena but at a smaller capacity but it’s really not the same.

I also wanted to be a red carpet correspondent for a major tv network, my fingers are crossed that one day I still will be able to do this. Although I am not married anymore, that was one of my greatest accomplishments, to get married and have a family. I love my two children to pieces and they bring me so much joy. Now I have a grandson that you guys know I adore so very much! Life has many twists and turns and you can not fully prepare for what’s to happen so hold on and enjoy the ride lol.

I am pleased to say that I am now in a new relationship (two years now) and it’s going very well. No plans on getting married again, no time soon but so far we are just enjoying each others company and getting to know one another. He makes me laugh, smile and he pushes me to be the very best person I can be. We did plan on going out of the country for my birthday but those plans were canceled with all that’s going on now. So we will see what I get into for my birthday in a few weeks. Inside I share some things that I saw ten things online that you may like, enjoy your day everyone!

10 Things I saw online that I thought you would like:

  • Maison Francis Kurkdjian is my new favorite fragrance in the whole world, wow smells divine!
  • I absolutely LOVE Actress and Cook Tabitha Brown’s personality and vegan recipes follow her, so adorable!
  • If you love Disney as much as I do, they just launched a new collection with Aldos and it’s fabulous!
  • This white polka dot dress from Qianber is simply too cute for words, great for summer!
  • It’s all about comfort right now, this Ugg robe looks super soft and comfortable!
  • Scentworx has a new spring collection of candles, I have this Island Orchid one, smells great!
  • Give your mom a special treat for Mother’s Day, Popcornopolis has a 2-gallon popcorn tin.
  • Urban Decay has a new Moondust collection, I’m wearing it in this photo the Moondust Lip Eclipse (Nova)
  • For my birthday, I want to travel to Bolt Farm Treehouse, it looks amazing!
  • Total splurge but I always wanted this Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette purse

Bonus: my blue ruched cowl neck body con mini dress by Femme Luxe Finery

Images shot by Pootie

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