It’s September, Dootie Turns 24, End Of Summer And Ten Things

It’s September and a lot goes on this month! First off, my daughter Dootie turns 24 and I can’t believe it! I told her the other day after 21 it flies by lol. She didn’t believe me till now. She’s planning a sit down birthday dinner with close friends and family and I’m helping plan that out. So make sure to stop back to see that.

Another thing, Summer is coming to an end…sigh! I woke up today to go get my son and I breakfast and it was so chilly out! I had to turn back around and get a sweater. I can’t take cold weather but I need to learn to adapt quickly lol!

This is also the season for pumpkin and apple picking! I’m taking my grandson Legend to an orchard and I can’t wait to see how he reacts. I don’t really think he remembers the other ones I took him too. We will be going this week. I get a kick outta doing that with him, hopefully he has fun.

I listed some fun things I saw online that you may be interested in! Oh my friend will be decorating my porch for Fall season, I can’t wait to see what she comes up with, should be so pretty! Stay safe and love on your family and friends, I have two friends hospitalized from Covid and I’m praying daily for them!

  • Did you know that Victoria’s Secret had a great smelling candles? Yes, I have a few very nice!
  • Want to take the kiddos apple or pumpkin picking try Burt’s Farm
  • Dear friend Yvette owns Royal Tea Picnics she’s gearing up to decorate front porches for the Fall season. She’s doing mine stay tuned! She’s done a few events for me, like my birthday shabby chic picnic and Girls Night In, give her a try.
  • Antlers Ridge Lodge is a great place to go and unwind, up in the mountains of Dawsonville, Ga the views are insane and they just revamped the luxury property, so gorgeous!
  • Bauble Bar has the cutest Halloween jewelry, I’m in love with the pumpkin earrings!
  • They have the cutest cozy blankets Natural Life 
  • I have the apple orchard sweater, great to wear for Fall and Kiel James Patrick has other selections as well.
  • She makes the cutest custom Crocs with bling KP1 Creations on Instagram
  • Total splurge but I’m digging this Chanel mini pearl bucket handbag, oh my word!
  • A new breakfast spot opened in Atlanta called, Graffiti Breakfast 

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