Jennifer Hudson Stops By ‘The Real’


Powerhouse vocalist JENNIFER HUDSON visits “The Real” to dish about her new album, “JHUD,” and how she wants to leave fans “Jenniferized” with her new music. She reveals how the decision to cut her hair was in honor of her late mother, and how posting bikini pics on Instagram was a summer goal. Jennifer keeps it fun as she shares how she would respond in unexpected circumstances during an interesting game of “What Would JHUD Do?” See what she had to say inside and this will air Monday, October 20th, check your local listings! 


On changing her look…
Jennifer Hudson: Well it’s kind of dedicated to my mom, like she used to wear her hair short. And then also I got so sick and tired of the bang with the long hair and then the two curls on the side with the part in the middle. I was like, “If they do my hair like that one more time…” So this is my way of getting away from that. I think I saw one time, I think it was Brandy’s hair and I was like, “I need that hairstyle.”

On posting a bikini pic on Instagram…
Jennifer Hudson: You know what? It was a summer goal that I had. I didn’t even know it was a bikini I had on until I was reading the comments and it’s like… Posting pictures in a bikini. I’m like, “I’m not in a bikini.” I’m a Chicago girl, we don’t go to the beach too often. So it was a summer goal of mine that I had. I was like, “I want to get into a swimming suit,” and so that was that.

What would JHUD do?…

Tamera Mowry-Housley: Oprah calls and asks you to sing at a friend’s wedding the same exact weekend as your man’s birthday…
Jennifer Hudson: His birthday is going to be at that wedding.

Loni Love: Okay, you got pulled over for speeding and you can’t afford to get another ticket. What would JHUD do?
Jennifer Hudson: I’m going to be Jennifer Hudson that day. “You know I’m Jennifer Hudson? You don’t know me? Dreamgirls. Help a sista out. Oscar, Grammy, nothing?” Okay…. (singing) “And I am…. Did that help?” Anything not to get a ticket.

Tamar Braxton: Ok J, you are about to perform at the White House, once again darling, and you show up to the event wearing the same outfit as Michelle Obama, what would the fabulous JHUD Do?
Jennifer Hudson: I’m going to need Michelle to point me to her closet where I’ll find me something else to wear that she is not wearing at the moment. Yes, that’s what I would do. But it’s not too bad to be, I guess, dressed like the First Lady, right?


images by Patrick Wymore/Warner Bros

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  1. This seems like a cute interview. I like her in the shorter hair. It complements her without overpowering her.

    I didn’t recognize Tamar without the blonde hair. I like the black, I am just not used to seeing her with black hair.

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