Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg On ‘Sherri’

On today’s episode of SHERRI, talk show host Sherri Shepherd welcomes her  friend and The Masked Singer judge Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg and Sherri sends a message to Selena Gomez on behalf of Jenny’s son, Evan. See more inside and video clip….


Sherri: … your son, Evan. He’s 21. He was with his girlfriend. He had a girlfriend and then they broke up.

Jenny: They had a bad breakup. It was so sad. … when you see your child go through something, you want to just break a lot of things. So he poured all of  his little broken heart into a love song that he wrote for his crush when he was younger which was Selena Gomez. He was like, “I always loved and respected Selena Gomez. I’m just going to write a really sweet song to her.” I was like, I didn’t know he could write and then he turned it into a song and then he turned it into a music video.

Sherri: So, Donnie helped with the song and his dad, John, directed it?

Jenny: Yes, John is a director and his stepdad is of course Donnie Wahlberg who helped with the melody but he wrote those words to Selena Gomez. The song is called It Doesn’t Matter and he sings about Selena in it and it is so incredibly sweet.

Sherri: So what does Selena say when she saw it?

Jenny: He had this come out in January and we haven’t heard a thing.

Sherri: You haven’t heard from Selena?

Jenny: … Every day, he wakes up and he checks his DMs waiting to see – I love the video. And my heart breaks because every day he’s like, “Someday she’ll send me a message saying it was great.”

Sherri: Ok …you his mama … can we make a plea to Selena Gomez – [to camera] Selena, you know you can hear  us right now, girl. Now, my baby Evan, Jenny’s son Evan, made a video for you, Selena. Come on. Can you do it for the McCarthy-Wahlbergs and respond to this video?

Jenny: Please, Selena.

Sherri: What do we got to do, Selena? Baby, baby, baby please.

Jenny: Honestly, that is so nice of you because he does ask me every day and will ask me every day for the rest of our lives so I appreciate that.

Sherri: Selena, please help us out.

All photos and video credited to SHERRI/Debmar-Mercury

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