One On One With Relationship Expert, Dr. Nicole LaBeach From Own’s “Put A Ring On It”

I had an amazing time yesterday afternoon chatting with Relationship Expert, Dr. Nicole LaBeach! She is also a coach on Own’s reality series, “Put A Ring On It“. This show follows three longtime couples, with help from Dr. Nicole LaBeach who embark on the ultimate relationship test. From week to week, the couples are pushed outside their comfort zones to confront the question they’ve been afraid to ask, is this their happily every after?

The show sounds really good and I had a chance to ask Dr. LaBeach a few questions from, how did she become a relationship coach, to advice for women dating over 50. Step inside to see what she had to say and don’t forget to tune in to Put A Ring On It, Friday, October 23 at 10/9c on Own Network.

There are a lot of relationship experts out there. What made you want to be a Master Relationship Coach?

My parents are from the Caribbean and my mother was a hairstylist. So I grew up hearing women talk about their problems in the hair salon. Although my mom was a hairstylist, she often wore many hats like being a counselor, coach and prayer warrior and more while doing hair. It made me very intrigued to hear other people’s relationship problems, hopes and dreams.

How was it filming Put A Ring On It during Covid-19? I was extremely happy with how the production handled the safety protocols during filming. I felt very safe and truly believed the cast and crew took responsibilities that would keep us all safe.

What made you gravitate towards the show, Put A Ring On It?

The opportunity to hold the space for couples to figure out if they could build a longtime future together and get un-stuck with what is holding them back.

What advice do you have for women over 50, trying to date in 2020? 

I would say be open to new things. Most women over 50, may not have a lot of experience with some of the newer ways of meeting people. Some may not be familiar with trying new things like dating apps or meeting someone online. I always say, try it before you knock it. You never know how something will turn out unless you give it a shot. Communication is key and knowing what you want as well.

When do you know when to move forward with a marriage or to walk away?

I think that it depends on if you can  co-create a healthy dynamic based on your values and what you both need to grow and build a life. Those are some of the focal points that will help you understand if you are in a situation that has good potential for longevity.


Dr. Nicole LaBeach is President & CEO of Volition Enterprises, Inc. a premiere Organizational Development (OD) firm specializing in the areas of: Coaching, Training, Change Management, and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion. As leader of this certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE), Women Small Owned Business (WSOB), and Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), its multi-city presence serves leaders, executives, high potentials, and teams in Fortune 500 companies, high growth small/mid-sized companies, and non-profit organizations. 

For nearly two decades, Dr. Nicole has offered leaders, clergy, celebrities, athletes, and entrepreneurs critical tools to advance their personal and professional wins. As an author and multi-hyphenate development professional, her wisdom has inspired the audiences of Essence Magazine, The Steve Harvey & Tom Joyner Morning Shows, T.D. Jakes, TV One, Aspire TV, Hope for Women Magazine, RollingOut Magazine, and CBS Radio. Her firms diverse clientele includes the likes of: Right Management, News Corporation, The Coca-Cola Company, Southern Company, AON, The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, and Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) to name a few.

Could your relationship handle some “friendly” competition? Watch these couples put their love through the ultimate test when ‘Put A Ring On It’ premieres on October 23 at 10/9c on OWN.

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