Kim Fields Looks Back At Her Fashion Over the Years On ‘Tamron Hall’

On the Wednesday, September 27 edition of “Tamron Hall,” Kim Fields returned to the show to talk about her lifestyle platform promoting wellness, “Refresh By KF.” During the conversation, the beloved actress recalled a hilarious moment where her son Quincy mistakenly thought Oprah’s name was “Opera” after seeing an issue of O Magazine on the grocery store shelf. In celebration of this week’s up-and-coming designer series, Fields also reflected on some of her most iconic fashion moments. See more inside and video clip!


Kim Fields on what freedom means to her:

“Giving myself permission. That’s a concept that of course I knew about early on as an actor because you’re taught, ‘Give yourself permission to go there. Give yourself permission to really be in the character, be in the scene.’ So I understood that idea, I never knew how to apply that, or that you should apply it, in real life.” She continued, “Giving myself permission to dream bigger, to level up, to be – you know, the words ‘authentic self’ and ‘authentic’ are really kind of thrown around a lot, but to curate certain experiences for myself first and then I realized, ‘Oh, other people are into this as well.’ But it keeps kind of coming back to give myself permission to focus on me first.”


Fields on why she wanted to enter the wellness space:

“Everyone knows what this body has been because you’ve seen it since I was seven years old, and so you’ve seen the evolution. You’ve seen the missteps. You’ve seen the journey. You’ve seen just the good, the bad and the ugly. And the beauty! And so being able to incorporate wellness in a way that wasn’t just goal-oriented – ‘Oh, I need to lose weight for this. Oh, I need to do that for this’ – but it became much more about a lifestyle. And so something that was attainable for me and enjoyable for me. And then of course once you have kids then it becomes, ‘Oh, you want to do this for longevity for your kids.’”

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