Jonathan Majors Discusses ‘Creed III’ And Joining The Marvel Cinematic Universe In ‘Ant Man And The Wasp Quantumania’ On ‘Tamron Hall’

On today’s “Tamron Hall,” Emmy-nominated actor Jonathan Majors joined the show to discuss his Hollywood takeover, starring in new films “Creed III” and “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.” In an emotional hour, the actor opened up about working as a barista while sleeping in his car, how he and Michael B. Jordan met and came to work together on “Creed III” and his role as “Kang The Conqueror” in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tamron surprised Jonathan with a special message from his college acting teacher, and then Tamron and Jonathan went head-to-head in the boxing ring!

Tamron gifts Jonathan Majors with an acting book he borrowed while working as a barista:

“I was working as a barista, you know those Starbucks cafe, Barnes and Noble vibe. I grabbed that book when I was, at that point, I was living in my car for a bit and that book, it just walked it out. You know, what this acting thing was. The textures of it. The experience of it, you know what I mean? It was a folktale for me…it was an instruction manual. It was preparing me for the battles that were to come…and the victories.”

Majors on how he and Michael B. Jordan met and came to work together on “Creed III”:

“I was walking out of a party. A pretty cool party. Earlier, per usual. And there he was, Michael B. Jordan in all his glory. I felt like there was a gold circle around this man. And I’m walking out and I just feel it.  And he goes, ‘What’s up brother?’ and I go, ‘Yeah, what’s up man?’ and we dap and it was like zip! And then two years later, he Facetimes and is like ‘hey man, you want to do a movie?’ and I’m sitting up like, ‘yo what’s up, bro?’ and he breaks it down. He breaks it down completely. No script, he pitches. He’s telling me the whole thing. And he’s in his bag, he’s vulnerable, he’s open-hearted. He says, ‘it’s you and me, let’s roll!’ I’m thinking, ‘this is impossible!’ you know what I mean? But I felt him and was like, ‘Ok man, it’s a risk for everyone but I like it.’”


PHOTO CREDIT: Jeff Neira/Disney General Entertainment

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