‘SHERRI’ Hits 100th Episode, Wanda Sykes Stops By!

 Today, talk show host Sherri Shepherd celebrated the 100th episode of her daytime syndicated talk show, SHERRI. Sherri said, “I am so appreciative of all of the love this show has brought me, our Sherri show staff and you, the viewers!”

Actress and comedian Wanda Sykes also stopped by and told Sherri why she considers Chris Rock the GOAT and said the timing of his Netflix special, “couldn’t be better.”  See quotes & clips below. We’d love to be considered for coverage! More inside and video clip…

Sherri: Chris Rock – his live Netflix special is coming out tomorrow. We love Chris Rock. You have a close relationship with Chris. But are you happy that the special is coming out?

Wanda Sykes: Absolutely. I’m so happy for him. Chris is the best one working right now. So, I love when he gets on that stage and shows everyone why he is a GOAT.

Sherri: Now the Oscars are coming next weekend, so do you think that it’s really important that his special is coming out right before the Oscars? Because you hosted last year.

Wanda Sykes: Oh, yes. I saw it. I heard it. We all HEARD it. Even the dude from “Coda” heard it.

Sherri: So, it’s good this is coming out right now?

Wanda Sykes: I’m so excited. The timing couldn’t be better.

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