Luenell Ways In On Her Longtime Friend Katt Williams’ Viral Interview


On today’s “Tamron Hall,” actress and comedian Luenell returned to the show following her Broadway debut in “Chicago.” Earlier this season, Tamron surprised Luenell by making her lifelong dream come true – giving her the opportunity to perform on Broadway. On today’s show, Luenell spoke about her experience and was surprised by her “Chicago” co-stars Michael Scirrotto and Kimberly Marable, as well as her daughter Da’Nelle Campbell and her supportive friends and family. Also, Luenell responded to her friend Katt Williams’ recent viral interview on “Club Shay Shay.”

Luenell shares what it was like to be back on a theatrical stage: 

“It feels like going back to see if the boyfriend you really used to love still loves you.”

Luenell responds to Katt Williams’ viral interview:

“During the time that this colossal interview was exploding, I was on vacation in Hawaii and I was sort of doing my own thing and I really missed a lot of buzz about it. So I really don’t have any opinion about any of it. I think it was very, very…exciting.”

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