Mad Hatter Gin & Tea Party In Atlanta, What An Experience!

On Friday evening, I got to unleash my inner child! I went to one of the most amazing tea parties ever held at Mad Hatter Gin & Tea Party here in ATL! If you’ve never heard of this secret Wonderland, you have to go check it out located inside The Underground. I think I want to go back again and again! Let’s just say it’s sorta like going to a pop up bar.

I didn’t know what to expect once I stepped foot inside but this magical place put me in such a great mood, you have no idea! It’s like you’re actually traveling down a rabbit hole in time to an Alice in Wonderland-inspired extravaganza on steroids lol!

When you enter there’s a Mad Hatter’s hat shop. There are tons of brims on display to pick from and if you don’t have one, they have plenty. Any style, shape, color and design that fits your personality, they have you covered lol! I made my very own “Queen of Hearts” fascinator and I will have a post on how I crafted that soon.

Next we entered a room full of mirrors. There you got to meet other people and get the perfect selfie. Then you head to the “Drink Me Room” and have a red “Drink Me Potion” shot. Then you’re transported into an extravagant room filled with wild flowers, floating clocks, and more. Once you’re seated at a pretty decorated table, there is an array of decadent bites and teacups waiting for you with tea sandwiches, cookies and more. Don’t forget to take cute pictures in here, it’s filled with lots of whimsy backdrops great for photo opts! Inside this room, you will get to meet The Mad Hatter, Dormouse, and Hare! Lovely actors that serenaded us, danced, told funny jokes and more!

At the stroke of 6 o’clock sharp, our lovely waiter then started bringing out crazy crafted cocktails that were tasty! Each drink was uniquely created by a mixologist and they kept getting better and better throughout the evening lol. I enjoyed the last tea cup cocktail that came with a huge bubble! You can also opt out for non-alcoholic drinks as well. I enjoyed my gin-fused teas, so delicious!

You will LOVE the show with The Mad Hatter and they were all hilarious, interactive and their costuming was insane! The patrons at my table were turned all the way up and lots of the guest came dressed in their best garbs, it was something to see. I highly recommend you take your girlfriends or significant other to experience this wonderland, it’s such a great treat to go to and escape! Till next time, enjoy the snaps….

“Drink Me Potion”

The Mad Hatter!

Loved these ladies outfits!


The Mad Hatter’s (Gin &) Tea Party

Underground Atlanta

50 Upper Alabama St.

Atlanta, Ga 30303


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