Media Alert: Talking With Tami Covers Call & Post Newspaper!

Talking With Tami

I’m so excited to share with you all some great news today! Yesterday afternoon I received a phone call from a reporter from my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio. They knew that I would be coming back home to speak at the Beauty & Brains Empowerment Series this weekend and wanted to do an interview with me! I was delighted to do the interview and it went very well. My really good friend and college buddy Kevin MC Chill Heard is the managing editor for the Call & Post newspaper which is a historical and popular African American publication in the town. It has been been around since 1916! So today I found out that they surprised me and just informed me that I was the cover girl! Are you serious!!!

call & Post

I was so shocked when they emailed me this image! Photographer Robin Lori shot this pic of me a few months ago. I sent them several pictures to choose from but they loved this one and decided to make it their cover story for the entertainment section! I feel very blessed that my hometown showed me so much love! If you live in Cleveland, Ohio you can pick up this newspaper today and read my exclusive interview! (Make sure you look at the date on the newspaper which is January 7th, you should know you have the right copy because I am on page 3(entertainment section with a huge picture lol) some people have been picking up old issues lol.  I already had my family pick up a few copies for me! Thanks to Felicia Haney for doing the story on me! xoxo


Sidenote: In my interview I talk about why I left Cleveland, adversity I faced while there, what the city taught me, tv appearances and more.

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