Meet Tiaera Williams Founder Of From Broken To Purpose

I thoroughly enjoy when I find women out there doing great things in the community! I got a chance to meet Tiaera Williams who’s the CEO and Founder of From Broken To Purpose! She’s a fellow Clevelander like me doing amazing things! I loved her back story, which we all have and I think what she is doing is a blessing for our youth out there. I wish that I had a mentor like her when I was young but those type of resources were not readily available back in the day when I was a teenager lol. I had the opportunity to sit down with Ms. Williams and talk about her non-profit organization. Her story is very inspiring you guys have to check it out inside. Enjoy your day!

Tell us about your non-profit organization From Broken To Purpose?

Tiaera: From Broken To Purpose deals with youth and at risk teens. They may have low self esteem etc we help young people with that by offering life coaching classes and more. As young girls, we start off with high hopes and big dreams. We have visions of changing the world, finishing high school and some college. Some of us aspire for marriage and kids. And as time goes by and life sets in, sometimes heartache and pain, depression and some unkind things may enter our lives.

Our broken dreams begin to hide our smiles and turn them to frowns. Our hearts will be disheartened and we can begin to walk with our heads held low. We can start second guessing ourselves. The worth we thought we once had may seem to disappear. We may no longer have the confidence we need to make healthy decisions. We may forget that we are wonderfully made. But, I encourage you to move forward, pray more, continue to seek His face and put Him first, in your life. Remember, you are More Than Enough and you can take that to the bank.

Why was this such a passion for you?

Tiaera: My dad got addicted to drugs when I was young. I also suffered from low self esteem and I had to deal with adversity growing up that lead into my adult life. I got pregnant at 17 years old, I got married at 20yrs old and I struggled and dealt with my own self worth. My marriage ended in result of my ex fathering a child outside of our marriage. I lost everything after the divorce, car repossessed, evicted everything. I was trying to figure out my purpose. I wanted God to give me a piece of mind.

What are some things you do in your organization? 

Tiaera: My non profit organization has been around for 8 years now! We offer self esteem building classes, empowerment events, anger management, the girls range from 15-25 and we have helped over 300-400 girl so far!

Where do you see the organization going in the next five years?

Tiaera: Right now we are located in Cleveland, Ohio but hope to expand to other cities and offer medicaid and just to keep growing.

What can you say to young women out there struggling with life situations?

Tiaera: We would like to support young women. Stop being scared and walk by faith not by sight! Don’t look at right now or your current situation. It will get better!

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