My Birthday Wish List


Hey guys, so it’s my birthday week and everyone has been asking me what I want to do or what I want. I really do not need or want anything just blessed to see another year. Especially since my grandson is here and makes everything so much better, I just want to be happy, smile, eat good food and relax! I was supposed to be on a beach in Cancun but those plans got canceled but hopefully I can enjoy myself doing something else. You should have seen me ordering all sorts of bikinis too ha!

Not sure what will be in store but in the meantime, I put together a wish list of some things that I was eyeing online that you may like as well. Are you the type that doesn’t really require much for your birthday? I used to have this extravagant birthday parties and all of that but now that I’m older, I wouldn’t just mind being somewhere quiet and by the water lol. I’m getting old. Be safe out there!

  • I want to wake up next to my boyfriend and see his fuzzy face!
  • In LOVE with this pink YSL small monogram Matelasse Metallic Leather Wallet On Chain
  • Glitterville Let Them Eat Cake Tiara, I am obsessed!
  • Still trying to get the Mackenzie-Childs Courtley Check Tea Kettle with Bird
  • Gucci GG Tulle Bodysuit, so sexy!
  • Gucci leather thong Double G thong sandals, pinktastic!
  • I had reservations for lunch at The Garden Room Atlanta but they were canceled, hopefully they reopen soon.
  • I want to try the Princess Make A Wish Milkshake at Sugar Factory Atlanta
  • Been obsessing over this sexy Gara dress from Shop Alexis 
  • Wouldn’t mind heading back to this amazing beach front W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  • I love hearts, this David Yurman cable heart bracelet is so pretty!
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