Wardrobe Breakdown: Kandi Burruss At Her #KandisMaskOn Birthday Party

Reality Star and Singer Kandi Burruss recently celebrated her birthday here in Atlanta! She held a #KandisMaskOn birthday party at one of her restaurants with a few close friends and family! Have you guys been watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion show? It got steamy on last Sundays episode but Kandi held her own when she was attacked by some of the other ladies. I think she did well keeping the peace during the whole season, in my opinion. Loved her look on the reunion show too, very classy. I have the details on this cute red romper she was wearing during her birthday celebration check it out with more images inside, have a great day everyone! xoxo

Kandi looked cute wearing a red skort dress from Shop Alexis and Gucci sneakers


Images via Freddy O/Instagram

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One thought on “Wardrobe Breakdown: Kandi Burruss At Her #KandisMaskOn Birthday Party

  1. For her party to be called Masks On Party, i must be blind cuz i dont see not one mask. smh
    They all look cute tho. My goodness, Toya is so petite.

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