My First Time Visiting Pixar In San Francisco, California

I hope you are having a wonderful day out there! Last month, I had the opportunity to travel to San Francisco to visit Pixar Animation Studios, I was so excited! I never been to this city and always wanted to visit. Then when they added that I would be headed to Pixar to see some of the making of Toy Story 4, I almost fainted! So many talented people work here and put movies together that we get to enjoy, I couldn’t wait to get there!

We got into town really early, it was kinda cloudy and raining out but that didn’t stop the group of us from being excited to see everything that they had to offer. We got to the campus and that’s when all the magic happened. The place is massive and they have lots of friendly staff members there that showed us around.

We visited the gift shop, had a catered lunch, met team members, visited an archive facility and so much more! It’s so pretty there and it’s also equipped with a pool, tennis court and lounge areas with tropical trees everywhere that employees can relax and rejuvenate themselves.

We were in heaven for sure and you best believe they had lots of instagrammable places to take cool pictures lol. I loved the life-size characters from all their popular films like The Incredibles, Toy Story and more! They have tons of toys scattered throughout the facility that you can play with and it made you feel like a big kid at heart.

Me and Woody hanging out lol

During our Pixar visit, we got a chance to be introduced to a new character in the film called, “Forky”. When I tell yah he is the cutest new character in the movie, omg! You will fall in love with him for sure! We all participated in a craft project where we got to make our own version of him. I love the color pink, so of course I jazzed my Forky up a bit with pink glitter and a funky hairdo lol. I think he turned out pretty good. Check out all the others, this was so much fun!

I truly had a great experience at Pixar and hope that one day I get to visit again to see what else they are up to. There are so many creatives that put these films together. It definitely takes a talented team and I’m sure they put a lot of thought and effort into each project, that we later get to enjoy. Till next time! xoxo

Photo by Deborah Coleman/Pixar

My Forky, too Pinkalicous!

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