My Style: Bikini Babe

beach babe

Waving hello to you all from Panama City Beach! This is my last day here in Florida but boy did we have a great time! I feel very refreshed and relaxed. I will be the first to say that I’m very comfortable in my skin and I’m also an open book which we all know lol but when I was shooting these photos of me in this swimsuit, I became a bit nervous because I was worried what others would say. But then I got to thinking, hey this is the real me and I have always kept it real with you guys and I have flaws just like everyone else. I am not a perfect person and I do not mind sharing what I actually look like in a swimsuit. These images are not photoshopped.

I embrace my imperfections and attributes the same and that is what makes me, me. I have never really suffered from low self-esteem but I’ve been through a lot in my life and made me become tougher. Now, I just want to be happy and enjoy my family and my life that God has given me. Ladies learn to LOVE every part of yourselves, it’s ok! I’m wearing an adorable palm print two-piece swimsuit from Lane Bryant from their Spring 2015 Collection and I love it! Have you been following their hashtag #ImNoAngel its pretty powerful. Enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by! xoxo


beach babe

beach babe

beach babe

Location: Panama City Beach, Florida

Hair & Makeup: My Daughter Dootie

Swimsuit: Cacique For Lane Bryant Palm Print V-Wire Swim Tank & Bikini Bottom

Beach Hat: David & Young (vintage)

Photographer: Dootie


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