My Style: Victoria’s Secret Flounce Robe

I can’t remember the last time I was inside a clothing store yet along a lingerie store lol. I got a few sweet treats from Victoria’s Secret last week and I was blown away! They scent me over a bottle of their latest fragrance which I am obsessed with called, Tease and a pretty satin with lace robe with flounce sleeves and it was in my favorite color pink! I quickly tried it on and felt so good! I wear robes at home all the time and they make me feel so pretty even if I am not doing much. More pics and where to find inside, stay safe and well everyone!


Soft & dreamy. Light-as-air sweetness floats on a cloud of sheer warmth.
Introducing a new sister for the iconic Tease fragrance: Tease Crème Cloud.

The fragrance starts with a creamy, light-as-air sweetness: whipped Vanilla Meringue. Then it opens up to a luminous floral heart of exotic Santal Flower—the rare bloom of the Sandalwood tree. At the base, glowing sheer Amber and a bare skin accord add warmth that softly floats on skin. Whimsical and dreamy, it’s a delicious cloud floating through the sky.

From the Perfumer
“In developing this fragrance, I played with texture. At the top, whipped Vanilla Meringue adds a creamy kiss of light-as-air sweetness. It’s wrapped in a cloud of soft Amber for a signature that floats on the essence of your own skin.” — Master Perfumer, Stephen Nilsen

Ingredient Spotlight
VANILLA MERINGUE: This soft, fluffy note combines the warmth of vanilla with the weightless, creamy-sweetness of meringue. Think: a sugar-coated cloud.

SANTAL FLOWER: Sourced from the Sandalwood, one of the most expensive trees in the world, this creamy white flower adds an exotic, luminous feel.

SHEER AMBER: Often referred to as liquid gold, this version of the note adds a lingering warmth entwined with soft, dreamy nuances of musk.

Location: Southern Shore Cove

Hair & Makeup: Tyra In The City , Me

Victoria’s Secret Flounce Robe

Photographer: Haley

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