New Reality Show: Lebron James’ ‘Cleveland Hustles’

cleveland hustles

Cleveland stand up! I’m so excited to hear this news and especially since Cleveland is my hometown! Are you a small, local business owner looking to take your business to the next level?

To celebrate the launch of “Cleveland Hustles,” CNBC’s new show from executive producer LeBron James, they are giving brick-and-mortar small, local business owners across the country a chance to win the promotional package of a lifetime. The prize includes a social media endorsement from LeBron James, and promotion on CNBC TV, digital and social channels. More info inside…



Step 1: Create a 23-second video pitch answering the question, “How would my business uniquely benefit from a LeBron James social media endorsement?”
Step 2: Post your video on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #PitchLeBronContest

The perfect 23-second pitch tips:

Be memorable and show your passion!
Tell us what’s unique about your business
Keep it short! You have 23 seconds
Entries will be evaluated for originality and creativity by a judging panel. Participants may be contacted for additional information based on the quality of their video pitches. The contest entry period ends August 18, 2016 at 11:59pm ET. The winner will be announced online on August 23, 2016.

One local, small business owner will win a promotional package, which includes:

one (1) social media post from LeBron James
fifteen (15) on-air promotional spots mentioning the winning small business to air on CNBC
ten (10) lower-third promotional snipes mentioning winning small business to air on CNBC
five (5) social media posts mentioning winning small business across CNBC social media platforms
one (1) digital post mentioning winning small business on
Businesses must have no more than 250 employees
Businesses must have a brick-and-mortar physical location
Business is not a franchise and does not service customers outside of its immediate local area (e.g., does not have a mail-order business or online store)
Contestants can only enter once

More info here

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