New Show: Netflix’s Sexy Beasts

Ready to say goodbye to superficial dating? SEXY BEASTS is the dating show that takes looks completely out of the equation using fantastical, cutting edge prosthetics to transform the daters – giving them a chance to find love purely based on personality! Sexy Beasts launches July 21st, check out the trailer inside…

Sexy Beasts offers a unique, often hilarious dating experience. Using Hollywood-level prosthetics, our single men and women have their real looks completely hidden, as they’re transformed into all manner of animals and fantastical creatures before their romantic adventures begin.

A six-part series, each episode will feature a new single “picker” searching for true love –
based purely on personality. They will date three potential love matches out in the real world – all in full prosthetic make up (and with stunned members of the public looking on).

Only when the dating is over and our picker has chosen their chosen their love match (their Sexy Beast) will everyone’s real faces be revealed. As well as playing cupid, Sexy Beasts is a LOT of fun. Narrated by Rob Delaney, the show is filled with a cast of vivacious, funny and loveable characters.

We have a party-loving Panda in search of a husband, a butt-obsessed Beaver terrified he’ll make the wrong choice and a Rhino who has recently taken up Sex Kung Fu.

And plenty of real, genuine love matches.

Could YOU find love based on personality alone? And would you still feel that way when you see their real face? Sexy Beasts is the most fun you can have trying to find out…

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