Pink Trill’s 25th Karaoke All-White Birthday Soiree

Last night I stopped by my daughter’s bestie Tiara all-white 25th birthday soiree held at MICS Karaoke! It was an all-white affair plus super fun and I really loved the venue! It’s had luxury private Karaoke Rooms, never been there before and it was so pretty inside. Tiara affectionately known as PinkTrill is an entrepreneur owning her own beauty, fashion and haircare brand in Atlanta and she is such a lovely young lady!

We turnt up last night and sang a few songs, I had a good time! Check out a few snaps from the event and she was the prettiest princess in the building. Her boo surprised her with a blinged out Rolex watch, she was so excited lol. Have a blessed day everyone!

My daughter Dootie and I

Dootie and her boo Markeefe


Tiara’s family

Tiaran’s surprise birthday gift

Loved her pinkalicious cake


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