One On One With Business Woman Tish Taylor

I remember many years ago meeting Tish Taylor after I had just launched my very own talk show back in 2005. I produced a kids segment called, Talking with Kids and my daughter Tyra was the host. We would cover events around the city that were kid related. I can’t remember exactly what happened and how we connected but I saw Singer Jacob Latimore at a concert and he was really good on stage. He was about 12 years old, (same age as Tyra) and I had to get the interview. So I talked Tish who I found out was his mom/manager and she made the interview happen. Click here to watch. Believe it or not, it was Jacobs first-ever interview and I landed it! He has gone on to do some amazing things as a singer and actor and the rest is history!

All this would not have happened though without the help of creative and smart mom like Tish. She has done a fantastic job with her son Jacob. I’ve watched him blossom into a great career now, starring on The Chi on Showtime and he has some other movie projects in the works. I wanted to chat with her about what she has been up to lately (which is a lot). She was delighted to share her experience in the management world and her own projects, read more inside…


You’re a mom manager to your son Actor & Singer Jacob Latimore. Tell us how it is working with him and being a manager?

Currently my Talent Management Agency Tish Taylor Presents represents talent Jacob Latimore who is my son, and songwriter/producer Brandon Rossi.
I enjoy working with Jacob we have been a team since he was 9 years old. He is now 23 years old.  Jacob is a  mutli hyphenate talent, he has many gifts plus he is a hard worker. He makes being his manager very easy.
I believe to be a successful talent manager your client(s) must want it more than anyone else on their team. Also willing to learn the business side of things although the creative is their focus.

You also have an agency, tell us about that and how do you pick or find clients to work with? 
While building my talent management company, in my 20+ career years I have worked and consulted for major and independent record labels. My experience includes music and entertainment marketing, talent + brand management, sponsorship + endorsement partnerships. My agency Business Behind the Band is s a music marketing agency that provides self-paced e-books, business administration tools, project management and consulting for Entrepreneurs and Brands in Music & Entertainment.

You wrote a book, congratulations! What made you want to write a book and what can we learn from it? BBB is all things Fan$ + Profit. BBB was curated for those who are serious about learning the “real” music business, building a “real” fanbase and making a “real” profit from their music and brand.

Tell us about your new product line? I have several digital products available now, Talent Management Entrepreneurship Basics E-book, The Business Behind the Band Marketing Plan Guide and Workbook, and the Business Behind the Band Brand Partnership Bundle for those needing assistance with pitching sponsorship and endorsement deals.

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