One On One With Pastor Patrick & Ramona Hampton

I moved here to Atlanta, Ga back in 2005. One of the first couples that I met and befriended was The Hamptons. At that time, Ramona had a bakery in my neighborhood that I frequented. After visiting the shop a few times we became fast friends. Her husband Patrick was an up and coming Pastor and over the years, I would always support them. Till this day, they are still doing ministry and have even opened a new church in Winder, Ga called, Destroying The Yoke Global Ministry. If you guys remember, last year they even baptized my grandson Legend. I am forever grateful for all they do and for their true friendship.

I am happy to announce that they have become Authors now and have a new book that was just released called, Struggling To Keep The Vows. I got a chance to ask them about the book, advice for married couples & engaged couples and so much more. Step inside to see what they had to say and support them if you can with purchasing their book, which is available now online. Link inside, stay blessed!

Tells Us About Your New Book, Struggling To Keep The Vows?

Struggling To Keep The Vows is a collaboration with four other couples sharing their advice in their marriages and how they made it work.

You guys have been marriage for a long time. Can you share any advice for troubling couples?

Our advice is to keep the lines of communication open and appreciate the time reflecting on the reason you marriage your spouse.

Have you and your husband had any challenges in your marriage?

Oh yes, challenges we overcame them by much prayer seeking wise council and we often reflect back on what we said 25 years ago. Divorce was not an option so I’m not going nowhere so we had to make it work.

Do you have any advice for newly engaged couples?

Newly engaged couples remember to wake up each morning falling in love over and over again and cover each other’s heart. Never say or do anything to hurt each other and if you do, be able to apologize.


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