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It is time folks! Join Kion, son of Simba and Nala, and his Lion Guard. The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar, a television movie event, premieres Sunday, November 22 at 7P on Disney Channel! If you LOVED The Lion King and was a huge fan of that movie, then you just may like their latest feature. I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing some of the team from this movie while out in Los Angeles on a Disney press trip. I learned a lot about them, their talents when creating this movie and so much more. I was also fortunate enough to see this film, so inside check out what they all had to say and my review…

disney lion guard

Interviews: We got a chance to chat with Ford Riley, Christopher Willis, Sarah Mirza and Dr Jill Mellen. All helped put this film together.

disney lion guard

Ford Riley is the Executive Producer who developed and expanded on The Lion King and got inspired from watching his son interact with friends.

Christopher Willis is the chief composer/songwriter for Lion Guard.

Beau Black is the singer & songwriter in Lion Guard. He hummed a few songs till it stuck in his head and thats how he knew it would work in the film.

Sarah Mirza is an author and Swahili expert and gave a lot of advice in making this film. Phrases like Zuka Zama are in this movie, which means “pop up, dive in”.

Dr. Jill Mellen is an educator and Science Director and worked on giving knowledge on animals behavior in the wild.

disney lionguard

My Review: If you have small kids or just love Disney movies, you just may like this. It teaches us how it’s best to work as a team and build long lasting relationships. Each character was strong and unique in their own way and although they were all different they came together for the better good.  I also really liked how Nala took on the leadership role which is very important in today’s world. Great to watch with small children and your kids may pick up a new language because Swahili was used throughout the film. I took up this language in college, brought back so many fond memories!

disney lion guard

About The Lion Guard: The Return of the Roar:
Join Kion, second born cub of Simba and Nala, as he takes on the leadership of the Lion Guard and assembles of the best and brightest who will help maintain the Prideland and keep the circle of life intact. Kion gathers not a team of lions, as tradition has dictated, but his own Lion Guard team of the Pride Lands’ fiercest, bravest, strongest, fastest, and keenest of sight. But Kion himself must learn the power of his roar before a genuine and lasting peace can come to the Pridelands.

Meet the Lion Guard….
KION — The fiercest, and the leader of the Lion Guard. Kion is the second born cub of Simba and Nala and brother of future ruler of the Pridelands Kiara.

BUNGA — The bravest, and Kion’s best friend and co-conspirator. Bunga is a Honey Badger and adoptive son of Timon & Pumbaa.

FULI — The fastest cheetah in the Pridelands. And a tomboy who takes her position in the Lion Guard very seriously.

BESHTE — The strongest who is friends with everyone in the Pridelands. A happy hippo who is still realizing his full strength.

ONO — The keenest of sight, and the Lion Guard’s intellectual advisor. Ono is an Egret who always has his “eyes in the sky.”

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