Pinky Review: M.A.C Chris Chang Collection

mac chris chang

I love getting goodies in the mail and yesterday this vibrant packaged makeup collection from M.A.C Cosmetics arrived! Its the latest line from Chris Chang of Poesia a fashion designer from Shanghai. I was very impressed with the shades, the consistency, pigmentation and packaging! It really put me in a great mood and made me want to play in the all the shades! Check out inside the swatches, what they sent and more…

mac chris chang

I absolutely love the packaging, look at all the fine details! 

mc chris chang

M.A.C Chris Chang Lipsticks:

Vermillion Vee Lipstick (true red matte) – $25 CAD/$20 USD

Cloud Gait Lipstick (pastel turquoise lustre) – $25 CAD/$20 USD

DDDevilish Lipstick (pastel hot pink matte) – $25 CAD/$20 USD

M.A.C Chris Chang Eyeshadows:

Mu Mu Bloom Eyeshadow (hot pink matte) – $20.50 CAD/$17 USD

Electric Mandarin Eyeshadow (neon mandarin orange matte) – $20.50 CAD/$17 USD

M.A.C Chris Chang Cream Colour Base:

Peony Pavilion Cream Colour Base (Hot Pink) – $27.50 CAD/$23 USD

mac chris chang


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