Pinky Review: PRO Beauty Tools 11/2″ Professional Iridescent Curling Iron


Pro Beauty Tool

I’m trying very hard to style my hair like a pro! I can not always have my daughter Dootie style my hair because trust me, she is on the go, so that sometimes leaves me having to do my own hair. I admit I have never been good at it but I am learning slowly lol. Its just never been my thing, just like makeup but sometimes when your back is against the wall and you have somewhere to be, you kinda figure it out! Ive been playing around with two new curling tools that were sent to me from Pro Beauty Tools that I love! They both heat up really fast(430 degrees) and left my hair with bouncy curls! Now if I could just have it stop raining here in Atlanta, my hair would look really gorgeous lol. Check out more info about these fun curling irons inside…

Pro beauty tools

For mermaid hair, try the PRO Beauty Tools® 1” Professional X-Long Gold Curling Wand ($34.99). Complete with an extended barrel, this iron is 2” longer than a traditional curling iron, ensuring that heat is evenly distributed throughout the length of the hair for consistent performance. If it’s cheerleader-inspired curls you’re after, the game-changing PRO Beauty Tools 1 1/2” Professional Iridescent Curling Iron ($29.99) should be your go-to. Complete with a 24-hour curl lock, your style will perform all night long. No touch-ups required!

pro beauty tools

Pro Beauty Tools

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