Rachel Lindsay, The New Bachelorette

I will be the first to admit that I have NEVER watched an episode of The Bachelor or any of it’s other franchises, I am just not interested. Not only because they never really have any people of color, I just don’t buy into the fact that you can find love that fast from a reality show lol. Lots of other people think differently but yeah, I’m not really into dating shows, I did like Flavor of Love though because I was just in shock that so many thirsty women actually signed up to date Flavor Flav lol.

Well anyway, congrats goes out to Rachel Lindsay from Dallas, who is an attorney by day and will now be the first African American lead on The Bachelorette! I wonder would ABC have been so interested in her if she didn’t come from a family of attorneys, judges etc…Hmm? Lindsay made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live where they made the announcement the other night, so that let’s America know that she didn’t win on The Bachelor either…sigh! I wonder how the ratings will do? I have so many questions but I still don’t think I will be tuned in to watch but if you are interested, The Bachelorette will premiere on ABC on May 22.

Images via ABC/Randy Holmes)

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