Ski Slope Fashion Looks For Denver, Colorado

My daughter Tyra called me with this grand idea a few weeks back lol! She said, “hey mom, Legend’s 3rd birthday is coming up and how about we as a family go skiing!” At first, I frowned down on the idea because I really dislike being anywhere cold or doing any activities that involve snow! I grew up in the midwest with frigid temperatures, so I was not enthused of the idea lol. But then I had second thoughts and decided that yes I would try something new and its my grandsons birthday!

We booked our flights and we are headed to Denver, Colorado for a ski trip! I don’t know what is in store but I quickly started buying ski outfits for my upcoming trip! I have never been to the mountains or Colorado before, so I am too excited!

I’m a newbie to the slopes too but I quickly started googling what to pack. I love to prepare upfront that’s just how I am but I knew that I would need long underwear, fleece and wool tops, ski socks, gloves, goggles, hat and scarf set, and snow pants and a warm jacket! I have all this packed and its all color coordinated too and I’m ready I guess lol! Make sure to check back to see how our ski trip goes but until then check out a few looks I put together if you’re planning on hitting the slopes anytime soon!

Love Shack Fancy Raissa Ski Jacket

Saks Marcus Adler Pom Pom Beanie

Dope Ski Goggles

Cynthia Rowley Ski Suit

Montec Ski Goggles

Lange Ski Boots

Goldbergh Mirror Silver Ski Jacket
Mytheresa Balmain Ski Boots
Rossignol Leather Ski Mittens
Hello Kitty Snowsuit
Moon Boot Ski Boots
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