Steve Harvey Talks About Entrepreneurship And Why It’s Important!

Steve Harvey

The other day I was invited out to hear what Comedian and Tv Personality Steve Harvey had to say at his press conference about his new business venture Easy Bacon. After the conference I had a few minutes to chat with him and ask a few questions. He blew me away when I asked him why entrepreneurship was so important and does he instill this in his children. His response is something I deal with everyday and sorta how I feel too! Check out what he had to say inside….

Steve Harvey

He stated to me that it is very important to have an entrepreneurial spirit because growing up, he knew right away that he was not employable. Some of the jobs that he did have in the past, he said he would look at his boss and not take him too serious when trying to tell him what to do lol. He would be thinking often to himself, hell I can show you a few things or two! He knew early on that he would go down a different path because working for someone else was not for him. He teaches his family now to have their own dreams and aspirations and thats why he works so hard to provide for them. He’s trying very hard to leave them a legacy to carry on.

This made me think back to when I was a teenager. When I was in high school, my teachers and counselors taught me how to open a bank account, balance a checkbook, be on time for my job and how to work for a company. Not one teacher taught me how to have my own business or be an entrepreneur! When I graduated from college, I eagerly researched ways I could work for myself and have a successful business. I saw this as a child with my mom & step dad who ran a few lucrative businesses.

I opened and ran a very successful nail salon in the late 90’s before getting married and having a family. Once I moved here to Atlanta(2005), the sky was the limit and I saw so much more opportunity. I then created another job(Talking With Tami) that I could work from home while my kids were in school. I’m not saying that you should leave your job and trust me, I miss having benefits and retirement packages, sick days etc I am just the type of person that needs to be out in the world, networking, meeting and seeing things. Working for someone else was never in my plan and I have a very creative spirit with lots of innovative ideas.

Me sitting behind a cubicle being stagnant would drive me insane but I do miss it at times when I start to think about retiring etc. My husband is also self-employed and now that he has had a health scare, things are now starting to worry me. The world is forever changing and with the new millennium and technology, we have to think of other unique ways to make money in this forever fickle space. I will forever remember Steve Harvey’s words of wisdom and I hope if you are self employed you are truly doing something that you love. Everything has its ups and downs and I know people that hate their jobs while others love what they do but it can all be challenging with pros and cons. Most that love what they do are usually working for themselves, my case in point. I don’t know both have advantages and disadvantages. I’m still trying to figure it all out too. Till next time! xoxo

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