First Look: Toya & Memphitz Wright On Bravo’s ‘Untying The Knot’


What are you guys doing this Sunday? Well, you should set your dvr’s or just tune in to watch Toya and her estranged husband Mickey Memphitz Wright on the new season of a reality show on Bravo called, Untying The Knot. This time around, it showcases Toya and her husband Memphitz who sit down and talk about their challenges in their marriage with Divorce Attorney & Expert Mediator Vikki Ziegler. I just watched a clip and I was in awh! Ive been around the cute couple for many years and Memphitz is pretty eccentric yes, I do agree but I never knew he behaved in this manor!

My husband couldn’t get away with what Memphitz said on that couch lol. They would have had to cut the tape or reedit me but Bravo always have a way of pulling out the worse in folks smh! I always say, you know what you are dealing with you when get with folks lol. I cracked up when Memphitz said he gets a “hall pass” 8 times a year to do whatever he wants, say what? I see he thinks he can do any and everything he wants, but bruh you are NOT single anymore! This show premiere Sunday, November 8th at 10pm est on Bravo. Check out the hilarious clip inside…

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