Supermodel Tyson Beckford Eliminated From ‘Dancing With The Stars’

Awh I’m sad to him go! Tyson Beckford & Jenna danced the Foxtrot to “Master Blaster” by Stevie Wonder on Dancing with the Stars last night! It still was not enough last night during Motown night and my guy was eliminated! Say it ain’t so!

Tyson and Jenna Johnson’s foxtrot to “Master Blaster (Jammin’)” by Stevie Wonder was definitely sensual but a bit stiff. Michael told Tyson that the performance was “not as smooth” as Tyson wanted it to be. Bruno noted that Tyson “stumbled” this week with the moves, while Carrie Ann called the model a “work in progress.” Derek said that there’s work to be done, but Tyson’s “youthful joy goes a long way.” Tyson and Jenna’s scores were: Carrie Ann = 5; Derek = 5; Michael = 5; and Bruno = 5. Total Score = 20 out of 40, ouch!

True Story: I remember in the mid 90’s when Tyson first popped out! I was such a fan and I went to digging to find out what modeling agency he was signed to! It was Kadeem Hardison’s mom Bethann Hardison’s agency in NYC. I sent him a fan letter to the agency and also a photo of me, just saying hi. WHY did he randomly call me one day and said he really appreciated my letter, it was the first fan letter that he received lol! We chatted for a minute and he invited me to come out to the Caribbean Festival in Toronto, Canada but I was too scared to go!

Fast Forward, I moved to Atlanta in 2005 and got into media. It was a Fashion Fair fashion show that I went to cover and he was one of the models! I walked up to him backstage and told him how back in the 90’s I sent him a fan letter. He didn’t remember too much about it but then asked me if we had slept together lol. I was so shocked that he said that to me but I laughed it off and said, NO Tyson! We took a photo together and that was that!

Beginning of this year, he did a campaign for Ralph Lauren (who put him on the map) and I sent him a dm on instagram telling him how nice he looked after all these years and that I loved the campaign. He responded back to me and said thank you, hey did we sleep together back in the day? I replied back again saying, NO Tyson but have a great day lol! He is a trip but so funny to me! I guess I remind him of someone from his past lol. See his last performance on Dancing with the Stars dancing the Foxtrot inside….




(Disney/Eric McCandless)

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