Talking With Tami Makes Guest Appearance on ‘Hollywood Divas’ Season 3!

Hollywood Divas season 3

Hey guys great news! If you are home tonight or if you are not, set your DVR’S because I will be making a guest appearance on Season 3 of Hollywood Divas! I secretly flew out to Los Angeles a few months ago and taped a fun scene with my girlfriend Lisa Wu, who is a star on the show! What was my scene all about?

Well, you will have to tune in to watch! Its pretty good and some tea was spilled but mainly it was some juicy talk between girlfriends. Hollywood Divas will air tonight on Tv One at 9pm sharp! Make sure you tune in and support my girl Lisa too! Check out the new season clip below, till next time! xoxo

Hollywood Divas season 3

hollywood divas season 3

Hollywood Divas season 3

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  1. I missed this post yesterday. This isn’t a regular program for me, but I will have to catch it on rerun/dvr it.

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