Talking With Tami’s Birthday Dinner

Hey guys, boy am I beat! I had an amazing 52nd birthday yesterday and so blessed to see another year! My daughter suggested we take the family out to a nice restaurant for a birthday dinner and I was fine with that. The day started with a makeover that my daughter put together. I headed to Tyra first to get my hair done then I was off to Kayla/Ksummah a really good makeup artist here in Atlanta. Tyra also ordered me a hot pink mesh mini dress that she picked out for me, it was too cute! Then later we all met up at Capital Grille in Buckhead. This is one of Tyra’s favorite places to eat, so it was highly recommended. At the restaurant, you were allowed up to 6 guest because of Covid 19, so that was a perfect number for us and we also had a private room for my family.

It was me, Tyra, Pootie, Tyra’s fiance Jordon, Baby Legend and my boyfriend Kevin. After taking a few pictures we ordered off the menu. I was not really that hungry but ordered crab cakes and veggies. Everyones food was really good then the waitress brought out the cake designed by my good friend Alicia from Pums Sweets. She has made my decorative cakes for years, so happy with the way it turned out! More pictures are inside but wanted to say to you all, thanks for all you birthday wishes, I had a great time! Love you all and thanks for visiting. xoxo 

Kevin and I, cake by Pums Sweets

Legend was so cute in his bow tie lol! He cut up of course because he wanted to run around and talk to everyone lol!

Both of my babies! So glad Pootie came out with us!

Jordon and Baby Legend

Time For Dinner!

Baby Legend had to fix granny hair lol!

Cheers to another year!

Lina Laced Mini Dress by Posh By V

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