Tamron Hall Show’s Virtual Social Hour

Hey guys! Yesterday evening I had a wonderful time chatting with talk show host, Tamron Hall and her Tv Producer Candi Carter! I was emailed a few weeks back inviting me to participate in a “Virtual Social Hour” where I could chat with Tamron and others about what is going on in the world and so much more. It was so much fun! So last night, 15 other influencers Zoomed in where some had a glasses of wine, cute decorated backdrops and fabulous outfits with shoulders out lol. We all just had a big girls pow wow where we discussed current topics like George Floyd, family, working from home, the Covid pandemic and so much more! The highlight of the evening was seeing Baby Moses make an appearance! He was eating dinner with his dad but popped in to say hello! I knew some of the ladies in the chat but I got to hear so many of their own stories which was enlightening. Tamron told us what would could be expecting on upcoming episodes on the show, changes they made moving forward and she gave a sincere welcome to Candi who we all know from producing tv shows like The Oprah Winfrey Show and The View.

Candi was hanging out on her front porch talking with us about how happy she was to join the Tamron Hall Show. It’s good to have a community of powerful women that can get together and share ideas and voice their opinion. I was honored that Tamron and her staff included me in the virtual social hour! Someone asked how did they find us and Tamron stated that, “the streets are always watching” and that they have media coordinators that know who’s who and what we talk about and post, so that’s how they found us. Thanks Tamron and Candi for the opportunity but tune in today to watch a special episode of the Tamron Hall Show called, “Hear Us Now” where they will talk with young Americans who are marching, protesting, and demanding change in the aftermath of George Floyd’s murder. You don’t want to miss and here in Atlanta the show will air at 3pm on ABC but check your local listings. Have a great day!

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