Ten Things I Will Do This Week….

I was sitting in a nail salon by my house and thought to do a lil boomerang on my instagram story showing me waiting to get a pedicure. Then all of a sudden, I hear my phone chime and I looked down and saw that my beautiful daughter had cash app’d me money and said, “enjoy your pedicure mom, love yah!” I thought that was the kindest and most sweetest thing ever!

My daughter is the most thoughtful person I know and she always do the most wonderful things for me! Just last week, during a FaceTime chat, my daughter was telling me that she was on her way to her salon when she forgot her curling iron at home. She said, “mom I’m praying that no-one wants curls today and just want straight hair because I didn’t have time to run back home because I’m running late”.

I got in my car and drove down to give her salon with my curling iron because I didn’t want her to stress out and not be able to provide the services that her clients wanted. She was so appreciative. My kids and I always do cute little things for each other, it makes us feel so loved. Inside, I have ten things that I’m going to do this week for my mental health and just for no reason at all! If you can, think of something you could do to take the stress off of your significant other, a family member or dear friend this week. You will be surprised at how the universe will turn around and reward you as well. Have a blessed day!

  • Make time for fresh air
  • Check on my single girlfriends
  • Pray through my anxiety
  • Walk away from gossip
  • Work on my heart in between
  • Encourage those around me
  • Check in with my mental health
  • Do something kind for me
  • Exercise often
  • Get off social media if its discouraging

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