The Mastermind Texas Family Behind The YouTube Hit “Gracie’s Corner” Stops By Tamron Hall

On the Thursday, February 8 edition of “Tamron Hall,” The family behind the hit YouTube series “Gracie’s Corner,” Dr. Javoris Hollingsworth, Dr. Arlene Gordon-Hollingsworth and their daughter Graceyn “Gracie,” joined the show to chat about their wildly popular educational cartoon. Javoris and Arlene shared their inspiration behind starting the series during the pandemic and noted how their different career backgrounds as a chemist and psychologist, respectively, helped shape the content they created. Plus, the star of “Gracie’s Corner,” Graceyn performed a special mash-up of some of her most popular educational songs for the TamFam! Later, the truly inspirational dad Richard Dahl, joined Tamron with his daughter Rylie and her mom Jourdan Elie to open up about the joys and struggles of fatherhood while being a wheelchair user and why he decided to share his story, videos and parenting journey with the world.  More inside and video clip…

Dr. Arlene Gordon-Hollingsworth on what inspired her family to start “Gracie’s Corner”:

“So when the idea first came about, I think our mindset was, you know what, we just want to make sure there’s more representation. We were watching a lot of content during the pandemic, because our kids, we had to keep them occupied while we worked from home. And so our big thing was just to meet that goal of putting something out there that allowed every child to see themselves.”

Dr. Javoris Hollingsworth on how his background as a chemist helps shaped the content of “Gracie’s Corner”:

“It’s kind of crazy because, of course, I grew up as a church musician doing marching band, concert band. So that’s where the musical -” Tamron steps in to clarify, “Because you write and produce the songs…” Hollingsworth responds, “Yes. So that’s where that part comes from but as far as like knowing how to put together a script, how to go about the whole pre, post, the whole production process – I had to do research. So that’s where my science background went into play, and I had to dive deep in.”

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