Alexander McQueen Spring Collection


Alexander McQueen new Spring 2010 line hit the runway.  I didnt know if I should be sto be spooked to view these clothes or what but they were very strange looking. I’m all for unique clothing but I think some of these pieces look a lil too out there for my liking lol. McQueen is a great and fab designer, I’m just not feeling the whole space age/ martian look. Oh and did you also notice the 12 in heels that goes along with the outfits? I’ve noticed the trend is to see who can make the tallest craziest shoes. The cookier the better smh!  Just think too, a man designed them! Girls we are in trouble!


Who in there right mind would even leave the store with these shoes? Telling the salesperson, ” thanks for helping me, see you next time”,what? Who would wear those stilts,not me lmao. I don’t even want to know how much they cost either! I’m going to pay for a shoe to break my neck in, I cant!  I would kill myself prancing around somewhere in those stilts. Oh well, I guess like they say, “beauty is pain” and those shoes look painful & dangerous to me. I hope this trend goes out of style real fast, I’m so over it!




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