‘The U.S. Vs. Billie Holiday’ Plus My Calpak Baye Hat Box

In honor of the new film The U.S. Vs. Billie Holiday, I received a beautiful pr package from Hulu! It was filled with all sorts of lovely vintage inspired items for the upcoming movie that stars singer Andra Day. The contents included a pretty hat box designed by Bia Blooms, pearls, photos, and a fresh gardenia. The gardenia was inspired by the same flowers that Billie Holiday would wear in her hair while performing on stage. When I picked up and smelled the flower, it was full of fragrant…omg! Gardenias are naturally very delicate and sensitive to human touch.

The suitcase gifting box also included a real vintage microphone, and a radio that really works. Hulu actually sent out 120 of these boxes! I’m extremely grateful. I loved the package and thanks to Hulu for sending! The movie is directed by Lee Daniels and premieres February 26th on Hulu! Check out the trailer inside and where you can find my pretty hat box!


Baye Small Hat Box 

In the film Andra wore some amazing looks and it was unveiled that Prada was the designer of most designs. From the silk satin evening gowns in the 1950’s, they are were stunning to look at!

The Federal Bureau of Narcotics launches an undercover sting operation against jazz singer Billie Holiday.

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