Top 10 Tips For Office Etiquette


I have been super busy with work and trying my best to keep us this blog, but I’m doing it with stride. I haven’t worked in a corporate environment since my daughter was a baby when I was employed with The Department of Immigrations in Cleveland, Ohio lol. It is an adjustment for sure but I really like my job and it brings me so much joy! One day I was sitting at home and it hit me that dang, I really need to have some sort of retirement set up since I’ve been pretty much self employed pretty much all my adult life! So this job has been helping me get my life back on track and I still have a few years left before I can get social security etc.

Since working in my late 30’s office etiquette has changed so much and I am still learning the do’s and don’ts of what is ok to do and say etc. It can be extremely tricky and I’ve been paying close attention. I thought to share some up to date top 10 tips for office etiquette with you, have a blessed day everyone!

1. Punctuality: Arrive on time for meetings and work-related commitments. I usually come to work 30 minutes early to get my day started.

2. Communication: Be clear, concise, and professional in written and verbal communication. Respond to emails in a timely manner.

3. Respect: Treat colleagues with courtesy and respect their opinions, even if there are differences. We have all sorts of people that work with me. Different religions, cultures etc, it’s a very diverse office environment.

4. Attire: Adhere to the office dress code to maintain a professional appearance. I try to dress very professional every day and especially since I teach workshops with the public.

5. Workspace: Keep your workspace organized and clean, respecting shared areas. I have OCD, so this is a no brainer for me lol.

6. Meetings: Come prepared, actively participate, and avoid dominating discussions. We have meetings weekly, so I try to stay on top of this!

7. Technology Use: Use electronic devices discreetly, and be mindful of noise levels. Lots of people come to me for advice, tips since I’m a tech person lol!

8. Collaboration: Foster a collaborative environment by offering help and appreciating others’ contributions.

9. Confidentiality: Respect confidentiality and handle sensitive information appropriately. I’m not into office gossip, I stay in my lane!

10. Gratitude: Express appreciation when a colleague assists you, fostering a positive work atmosphere. I’m very grateful for my job, thank you God!

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