Transformation Tuesday: Dootie And I Still Maintaining The Weight Loss

Transformation Tuesday! My daughter Dootie and I have come along way but glad we are both trying to live a better lifestyle now and motivating others to do the same. It was a long road but we made it through and we feel and look so much better. I was dealing with a lot of anxiety and challenges going on in my life and Tyra had her issues as well. Although we didn’t go on a weight loss journey together, we both were very supportive of each others efforts. I always get asked how did I lose weight and I always suggest that you consult with your health physician because they can tell you exactly what you can do for your body type and frame.

You do NOT want to lose weight how I did. Mine was from deep depression and I am the type that don’t like to eat when something is bothering me and as some of you know, a few years ago I went through a divorce that left me broken. So yes on a positive note after that fiasco, I started eating better, eating smaller proportions and living a more healthier lifestyle. Now it’s been two years since I loss 65 pounds and I feel so much better! Dootie has loss over 150lbs and she feels the same! I’m wearing a size 4 and Dootie wears a size 8 now. Feeling blessed and less stressed too. Have a good day and be safe out there!

May 2015 Circa

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