Triumph’s Smart Bra is Now Available Online!


Before we were forced into our houses, there was a massive breakthrough in the lingerie community last February. And while it’s not Cacique Intimate’s multi-way strapless bra, with its soft pastel pink color, the versatility presented by the brand is also here. We’re talking about how globally renowned underwear brand Triumph International just launched their newest “smart” bra innovation. And guess what, it’s coming online!

Introducing the Fit Bra

For years, women have been burdened with the hard choice of choosing the right bra. After all, unlike underwear, our boobs aren’t so standardized—they can be big or small, round or pointy, sometimes full or flat. They can even change throughout the day, depending on our activities. Luckily, new research has the solution: a smart bra that can adapt to every body, and at every stage.


“At Triumph, we aim to understand the constant changes in women’s lives – the Fit Smart bra really caters for this,” said Sian Thomas, the Global Head of Creative Design at Triumph, in an earlier interview with Underlines Magazine. “We spent a lot of time talking to our customers and other women across the world to understand what they demand from their lingerie—from that feedback, this bra was designed to fit each woman’s female form, as well as to fit their ever-busy ever-changing lifestyles.”

The Fit Bra is the first item from Triumph’s Design For Life clothing range. The project’s goal is to be able to create form-fitting lingerie that can change according to a woman’s body throughout the months, including larger boobs during pregnancy. The bras are made up of 4D-engineered stretch lace, created with a prototype board layout software capable of taking designs from concept straight to production. By taking the guesswork out of the equation, designers were able to create pieces of fabric that moved and adapted to a woman’s breasts. 

“With customers searching out more personalized solutions, we wanted to create a new innovation that adapts to personal shapes but still delivers best-in-class support and looks beautiful,” added Thomas. True enough, it also has the added feature of 4D stretch foam. This intelligent support system creates a round, flattering bust shape all the while providing the boob size support the wearer needs. Plus, the underwear has elastic supportive straps and four hook fasteners to further provide adaptability in motion. They’re super thin, too, so they can be worn underneath thin-sleeved tops. 

Sizes and Availability

Despite the many body types it can adapt to, the Fit Bra only comes in four sizes, which lingerie experts at Triumph guarantee will fit any woman with a bust size of 32a to 40e perfectly. Normally, it’d be available at our local boutiques, but for now, it’s listed at £40 (around $52 over here) in Triumph’s UK online store. But don’t worry, they ship out their products globally! 

Europe Triumph stores already have them. So, hopefully, Amazon and our local branches will have them by next year.

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