Tyra & Jordon’s Maternity Shoot

On Monday, I had to travel to Columbus, Ohio for a quick trip. I was on pins and needles because I knew that my daughter Dootie was due any day! Actually her due date is February 28th but I was still very nervous to travel knowing that Baby Legend could come any day now lol. I kept frantically checking on her, texting and calling and I know I was annoying her but hey, I’m a mom and that’s what we do lol. 

Once I arrived to Columbus she told me she was doing fine and so was the baby. Dootie told me she was just very fatigued and she wants her body back. She told me she said to baby Legend that he has been served his eviction notice lol. I don’t blame her and I remember when I was pregnant with her, I was just anxious to see her and get it over with, she feels the same way.

Her and her fiancé Jordon life will forever change and so will mine. I’m going to be a first-time grandma and I’m just as nervous. I don’t know what to expect but he will be truly loved. My son even took a week off of school for his arrival but I had to explain to him that babies come when they are ready, not when you are. I pray that she has a great delivery and healthy baby boy. Dootie didn’t gain that much weight to me either. She has carried her baby weight gracefully. I love these maternity photos she shot with Jordon, very unique to say the least. She’s always been my colorful child, I didn’t expect anything less. Now that I’m back in Atlanta safe and sound, I told her she has the green light to have the baby lol. Stay tuned for the birth announcement and pics. xoxo

Pics by Mario Shot Me

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