Wardrobe Breakdown: Charlize Theron On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Actress CharlizeTheron stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live the other evening. She responded to Jimmy’s thoughts about how nice she is, and she talked about her friends throwing her a surprise 80’s murder mystery party, her true crime obsession, going to the Congo to meet Jane Goodall, kissing a chimpanzee, playing Morticia in The Addams Family 2 movie, what her kids think about it, and meeting Elvis Costello at Disneyland. I loved her bad ass black outfit and have some leather culottes similar to hers lol. I have the details on what she wore for her appearance inside, check it out!

Check out the black manicure, cute!

Charlize was wearing Celine, sexy mama!

(Pics by ABC/Randy Holmes)

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