How Thicker Hair Over 40 Isn’t A Myth

Being over 40 is no-one’s idea of staying young. But, if we’re honest, that whole decade spent in our 20s getting most things spectacularly wrong aren’t exactly the halcyon days we like to think they were. Then came our 30s and that’s when life really hits home and all those life lessons start to come together into a fusion of dos-and-don’ts that give the impression we know what we’re doing. And some of us did. Sometimes. But then comes 40. The classical age of the sage – back in the early 1800s in London, life expectancy was only 40 years old, meaning if you’d made it that far, you were a veritable fountain of ancient wisdom. And the world average life expectancy was only 48 as late as 1950. This is truly a decade of life that humankind has aspired to reach for centuries. Which is odd, because if you’re planning to live into your 90s or more, being in your forties essentially makes you a teenager in the grand scheme of things. How’s that for a new spin on things. 

As reassuring as that message can sound, being proud of your age won’t stop you showing your age if you don’t take care of yourself (click here to find a product to thicken your hair). The first thing to look withered for most people is hair. That’s why we’re going to look at ways to keep your hair looking as youthful as possible for as long as possible. 

Hair thickening sprays that actually work

Many hair thickening solutions on the market claim to be the best hair thickener. The things you need to look out for are whether or not the product is full of damaging chemicals that can have two long-term effects on your hair. The first thing to try to avoid with products that over promise and under deliver is that the serum itself gives the impression of a thicker look or feel simply by clogging up your thinning hair with glue-like sticky residues that are hard to shift. This brings us to the second point…

…where the hair thickener is hard to shift (i.e. hard to wash out), you are going to end up washing your hair over and over and over in an attempt to rid your locks from the grunge. This will strip your natural oils and reverse any positive effects the serum brought in the first place. 

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