Wardrobe Breakdown: Lori Harvey At Coachella

Fashionista Lori Harvey was spotted at Coachella last weekend. I have never been there but I can’t see myself just standing around in a big dirt field listening to music, that’s just not me but for the young folks I’m sure it was fun. Wait, I do remember going to Freaknik back in the day, but yeah that was years ago lol. She looked cute in her two-piece outfit. I did hear from reading a few fashion blogs that it gets really cold at night there, yeah I forget it is the dessert lol. Take a peek inside of what she wore and more pics, enjoy your Thursday everyone, love Lori’s hair too! xoxo

Lori was wearing a Ben Taverniti Unravel Project fur trimmed bomber jacket, Gucci purse, Chanel sneakers.


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